Dash Cams – the New Gadget to Hit Poor Drivers

I’m flabbergasted at the poor quality of driving these days by road vehicle drivers who think they are above the law.  Also – I am pretty certain that I am not alone in the way I think about this.  Just look at the dash cam footage on youtube.

Some road users are animals when they get behind the steering wheel – it has been proven in studies that they become territorial in their behaviour once driving.   Drivers seem to (and quite rightly really in some situations) become angry and frustrated at the actions of other road users – be it when they are cut up or pushed infront of, or the victim of an out and out crazy piece of driving which could have caused an accident.

Some drivers are selfish, they feel they have the right to be infront of others even though they don’t.  They will act with aggression towards people if the other person decides to hold their ground – this leads to road rage and confrontation which we have all come across at some time or other.  Where they get this idea of self importance from is anyone guess – but these pigs need to be put in their place.
An example dash cam.
Other drives are just plain stupid.  They lack the required skills mentally for the safe operation of a motor vehicle.  I sometimes wonder to myself how on Earth many of these utter idiots managed to pass their driving test and get their license in the first place.  Surely the instructor can see when a person is too thick to be allowed behind the wheel of a car?  Surely they can see signs the person lacks confidence or does not show a modicum of the required level of common sense when they are driving?  This sort of person can be spotted a mile away – and with an inspector as the final line of defence, more needs to be done by actual driving instructors to weed out those who are not competent at understanding basic rules of the road from the highway code.  In Britain, the government authorities have made some headway into defeating the stupids by introducing a mandatory theory test which complements the actual practial training given to students.  This highlights the awareness the government has that idiocy and incompetence IS A MAJOR PROBLEM on their roads and action has been taken to attempt to alleviate the cause.  Many drivers somehow manage to slip through the net though, and we are left with a feeling that maybe the test should be made more difficult in stages over time – until a satisfactory level of skill is acheived.  It could also be a valid argument that the selfish drivers should also carry out a “pig head detection test”.  Those with a superiority complex could be failed along with those who feel they are better than other people just because their car is newer.

Yet more examples of road unworthyness is demonstrated by my final group of people – the chavs.  These clowns drive around more often than not in beat up old bangers, they often have no road insurance and rather than being selfish or thick, they are simply down right obnoxious thugs.  You have to watch out for these because they are also likely to cause a road rage incident and fighting both amongst themselves and decent road users is commonplace.

I don’t like to stereo type – but the fact of the matter is that this particular scum often sport a stupid hair cut, wear tracksuit bottoms, white trainers, swear a lot (due to limited intelligence and lack of vocabulary as a result of being a prat at school – and probably a bully aswell).  Their cars are old and not well kept – or sometimes you will see the ones with a bit of spare cash driving round in a sports car (normally old but done up with fancy wheels and paintjobs) – often a noisy exhaust will be fitted which makes them look even more idiotic (even though they fail to see this).

Enter the Dash Cam!!

Get one of these in your car and you will quickly see how the scum mentioned above “back off” no matter what category they fall into.  The chav type will have a snigger when they notice it if you fit a cam in your rear windscreen.  But…. and here is the BUT….. because they are cowards and know their is nothing they can do – they still back off.  Very rewarding watching them crawl back under their rock.

Watch out when getting dash cam though, as this blogger writes, there is some dodgy rubbish around and you are better off spending a bit extra and going for quality rather than having your camera break on you before you get chance to make a video of any of the idiots out there.

Take care on the roads folks – it will only get words.

Tips on Buying a Second Hand iPhone

iphoneThe fact that  iPhone 6 is on sale these days is certainly making the selling price of the underlying series  decrease slightly. For those of you who want to taste the iPhone but the funds are limited, buy second hand or used iPhone can be an option.

But be careful, do not be fooled by the low prices offered. Here are some tips to keep in mind before buying a secondhand iPhone.

1. Check the authenticity of the iPhone, from the Serial Number and IMEI, physical condition, to the features offered. Do not forget to match and try out all the features of the iPhone are compatible with the official specification or not.

2. What is SU? SU is a Software Unlock, meaning that the iPhone is carrier-locked country of origin. To be able to use a SIM card from a local provider, you have to go through the process of unlocking. Little trouble indeed, but usually this kind of iPhones cheaper.

3. What is FU? FU is Factory Unlock, meaning that the iPhone can be directly used with any SIM card. Another advantage is the Push Notification will run better. If you have more money, buy more iPhones FU type recommended.

4. Check the condition of the screen if there are dead pixels or not. Imagine how much money you have to spend if the screen on your iPhone has problems at a later date. Do not forget to remember that the iPhone screen is very sensitive and convenient to use. If not responsive, we can be sure the screen is broken or you buy a fake iPhone.

5. Try to press the start button a few times. If it feels uncomfortable, immediately forget the intention to buy it because it is important that keys function well.

6. Check the camera, speaker, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a few other standard features. Do not underestimate this because if one of these functions has some damage, you’re in troubles with your phone.

7. There is no version of the iPhone that offer additional microSD external memory. iPhone only uses internal memory. If there is a microSD slot, we can be sure these items are replicas.

8. We recommend that you bring a laptop that is installed when buying the iPhone iTunes app mark. Connect the iPhone to the laptop. If detected by iTunes, it stands to reason the original iPhone.

Get to know the latest Samsung Tablet

samsung tabletIf you have been around in the Tablet models industry, then this Samsung’s latest tablet shouldn’t be missed. In fact, with the number of choices tech enthusiasts can choose these days, it has become a lot easier for us as a customer to choose our favorite tablet from a simple to a more expensive table with the latest features added, yes, the choice is yours. While there are some tablets currently released on the market, this Samsung’s latest table seems to a be a strong competitor for IPAD’s latest generation. Do you want to know more, check these out!

The Good, Bad things about  Samsung’s Latest Generation

First, we could say that this Samsung’s tablet latest generation would be a premium choice among those who love watching movies on their mobile phone. We can consider this way due to its large screen size. While it delivers a larger screen which lets you watch your favorite movie on a mobile phone, it also comes with an ultra light weight design allowing you to carry this tablet conveniently. The design is very stylish and is considered to be thinner compared to its predecessor. When it comes to its bad sides, the price would be a major issue for some people. Starting from $450 up to $500, most tech enthusiasts would consider this device as a high end purchase. Actually, if you are looking for a high end tablet offered at a reasonable price, this one still makes a good choice.

The Overall Line of Samsung’s Tablet Latest Generation

Now, if you think the same way just like most tech enthusiasts, having this tablet is worth a buy. The design is not only attractive but also specifically designed to be comfortable when you hold it with your fingertips. However, if you are looking for a lower model of tablet then this Samsung tablet might not be a good choice for you. When it comes to features, don’t worry, this Samsung tablet comes with more features, the latest features which take your experience to the next level. For example, it comes with the multi window function allowing you to perform smoothly. More goodies are also available thus you can expect more fun when you use this tablet to kill your time. With all of these features, Samsung’s Tablet latest generation is definitely one that you should put on your list, the next time you want to purchase a new tablet.